Project Company Logo + Freebies + Copyright

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PROJECT LOGO + Freebies + Copyright
3 author’s our logo suggestions
we do not draw from designs, sketches, cards, downloaded from the Internet
business card design 1str + FREE letter paper
Freebies are JPG closed files prepared for printing, they are not subject to corrections.
after choosing the logo, please send an email address to the giveaway, no later than within 3 days of receiving the logo files.
How to order?

1. Buy the item

2. Pay the service.

3. Send information to the email

company name in the logo:

advertising slogan:

type of activity:

what figure should be in the logo (what should it present):

font type – preferred:

favorite coloring:

example of a logo from the internet of a similar industry that you like:

(no more than 3 examples)

4. In response to the email you will receive 3 logo suggestions

5. You can change the color and font type of the selected logo if you have filled in the form from point 3

6. After accepting the project, we send to the mail all files packed with RAR ie (cdr, eps, psd, png, pdf, gif, tif, jpg). Along with the files you get the copyright for using the logo.

You can use the logo you receive on any surface, increasing sizes without losing quality. For use in polygraphy, websites, social media.


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