My template bought template not loading in bought section.

Please download template, open template code file (e.g. index.txt) copy this, go to ebay and create listing. In editor click “Source” paste bought template. Click again source. Upper editor click save template. Now you will have this template.

Is your browser extension safe?

Yes, our “ Pro Ebay Listing Builder” is 100% safe and secure. All extension in firefox before adding to Firefox always is checked by the Firefox Developer team. We do everything to our customers be safe. Also, Firefox Developer team always must accept the new version.

What if I use a different browser than Firefox?

Still you can use Firefox for ebay site. It’s simple you can install Firefox here, later create shortcut for Firefox for example on the desktop. Right click on shortcut, later “Properties”. In “Target” add space and paste ebay url and accept.

Video tutorial how to do this here (8min 11 sec).

Can I must use Herolister Firefox browser extension for edit template?

No, you don’t have to. But with the extension, you edit the template and creating a listing on eBay very fast. So i recommended use our Pro Ebay Listing Builder firefox browser extension. You can install here. If you don’t want use you can use template in standard way. Here you find video tutorial for standard and extension edit tutorial.