How can i change or add ebay user id?

You can change your eBay user ID (it’s required if you create a template), after log in to your account next go to my account -> My ebay accounts

I have a lot of listings can i update this listings automattically?

There is no option to automatically update all your listings if you do not use different software which is to create eBay listings automatically (outside eBay).

But, our system is very fast to create new listings because you can save drafts, to create a new listing you only copy to our software your actual description, add photos and add the title of the product.

Generate the code and edit you’re actually listing on eBay adding our template code.

For more info on how to create templates watch our main tutorial on the homepage or there on FAQ page.

If you want to know how to adapt our templates for your software please read this.

My photos are too big, how fast make it smaller (or not uploading)?

We have a size limit to uploaded photos.

If showing you error that your photos are too big, we recommend first go to and compress the photo without losing quality.

After this, if still too big we recommended go to resize the photo to smaller and next go to to compress, after that upload it on herolister.

You can also upload photos to and paste the photo URL to the template in herolister


Also, you can use ebay hosting.

In this video tutorial:

In 7:25 min you can see how to get a link to your eBay image.

So first you must add a listing with no template and upload photos to eBay, next you need to add these links to in template generate form and revise your listing by adding template code.

The best idea if you do photos by phone on camera please not set maximum resolution for example 4k (it’s not needed, the picture will be showing good), please use smaller resolution and quality.

Wrong data is automatically entered into the template generation form

Some browsers automatically added the latest data you entered to the different form fields.

This can be any field even an image field (duplicated images).

If you experience this problem, you need to disable the automatic form completion in your browser or use a different browser to use our system.

Chrome browser do this often, so we recommended use a different browser.

Or you can simply disable autofill, here you have instruction for any browser:

I have filled email and user id field and still get error

If you have this error “Wait a second. Data is loading. Click again when text color in button will be white. Check also you fill required input fields email and user id.”

And you’re filled email and user id field.

You probably use the browser comeback button, and your browser automatically fills this field.

Please refresh your site and use only buttons on the page to generate the template all will be good (don’t click the back button on the browser).

If you have any other problem please contact with us.

Can I insert video into the template?

You can do this, but by adding HTML code after generating template code.

You can simply find in generated template code your text you add in description, and after this text add code generated on this page:

(we not respond for this page, so we do not know this page will work all time because we do not update this)

After this you paste all code to ebay, and you should have video in template.

If you need help with this, find freelancer HTML developer to tell you exactly how to do this or do this for.

I need to make changes (customize) in template that are not possible in the generator, what to do?

If you want a more personalized template than is possible by generator you need to find a web developer to do changes for you.

We do not provide customize service.

But remember, if web developer do changes in template code for you.

Every time you generate a new template for a new product in herolister, you will need to do the same changes in code what do your web develeper, so it’s not recommended changes in code.

I paste my template code and not look good, what to do?

1. Make sure you have copied and pasted to eBay HTML tab exact code without changes. The best is to use “Copy to clipboard” button.

2. Try to use a different browser to paste the code. Sometimes some browsers can change spaces in code, and then your code can look wrongly.

2. Check your create listing page looks the same like on herolister animaton after you click button “Copy to clipboard”. It happens on some accounts that eBay shows the old page for creating the listing. After click “Copy to clipboard”, herolister shows you an animation where paste code. If you create a listing page on Ebay not look the same, probably you have an old view of this page. You need to change to eBay new view. If on your eBay page next to the description you see button/link “Show standard editor” please click this, and you will see a normal new view eBay creates a listing page, and now should all work.

3. If still not working contact us, we everything check and help you. Feel free to contact 🙂