I need to make changes (customize) in template that are not possible in the generator, what to do?

If you want a more personalized template than is possible by generator you need to find a web developer to do changes for you.

We do not provide customize service.

But remember, if web developer do changes in template code for you.

Every time you generate a new template for a new product in herolister, you will need to do the same changes in code what do your web develeper, so it’s not recommended changes in code.

I paste my template code and not look good, what to do?

1. Make sure you have copied and pasted to eBay HTML tab exact code without changes. Best is use “Copy to clipboard” button.

2. It happens on some accounts that eBay shows the old page for creating the listing. After click “Copy to clipboard”, herolister show you animation where paste code. If you create a listing page on Ebay not look the same, probably you have old view this page. You need change to eBay new view. If on your eBay page next to the description you see button/link “Show standard editor” please click this and you will see normal new view eBay create a listing page and now should all work.

3. If still not working contact with us, we everything checks and help you. Feel free to contact 🙂

How to get your category link?

In some templates, you can add all categories in which you selling products. To get category link, Go to ebay, click on your user id (user name), click “Items for sale” and right mouse button on category in sidebar then click “Copy link address”. Next paste this link to field category link. Name of category you can add different than on eBay.

How many cost generating template?

Mini templates you can generate for FREE lifetime. For others (premium and simple) you need to choose one of the packages here. For all packages you have a free trial, cancel in one click, you don’t need to pay anything. Also, 100% refund guarantee if your templates investment cost does not return in 3 months.

What is personalized live demo and default demo?

Personalized live demo you can see this button on personalization page. Show you how exactly your template will be look on ebay depends of data which you add on a form. Remember you don’t need to add all data in form if you don’t want some text / sections of template. Only delete data from this field in a form.

Default demo show you example of generating this template.

What is and how many cost premium ebay hosting image?

We give you premium special prepared for ebay image hosting for any plan. Ebay requires photos with the https link. When you personalize your template you have the option of upload logo and product pictures and other images to our server. Personalizing the template is easier and your photo always displays quickly to the buyers so you do not lose sales.

If you want, you can paste your url into the photo. On the above possibility of uploading a photo you will see a description with a link “here” if you click this you will see additional fields where you will be able to paste your links to photos. We do not recommend using this option because free hosting photos often remove your photos without notifying you about what you do not even know you are losing buyers because pictures in your listing not showing. Also they are slowly and if don’t have https your template not will work good on ebay.

Do you sell ebay store templates?

No actually we remove ebay store templates because on some ebay account ebay disabled option to customize store templates.

But if you have old account and want store template please contact with us!