How to generate template?

1. Go to Mini templates category
2. Choose template
3. Fill data required data and add changes in others fields if you want.
4. Click “Get personalized template code”, next click “Copy code to clipboard”, next go to your ebay, go to create new listing page, go to editor click HTML tab. And Paste your code.


1. Go to choose template page. Choose template what you want

2. Now you need access to generate your template. You can get a free trial, choose one of a plan here (you can cancel any time, so no need pay). Get free access to all templates here.

3. After choosing a plan and creating an account go back to your chosen template.

2. Now you don’t see a popup, you can fill the required data in the form and edit other data if you want. You can check how your template looks, click button “check personalized live demo”. If all looks good click “Get personalized template code”.

3. Click “show template code”. Copy code and paste to eBay editor in HTML tab. Paste code to ebay editor in HTML tab. Tutorial below.

how to paste code to ebay herolister

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