My photos are too big, how fast make it smaller (or not uploading)?

We have a size limit to uploaded photos.

If showing you error that your photos are too big, we recommend first go to and compress the photo without losing quality.

After this, if still too big we recommended go to resize the photo to smaller and next go to to compress, after that upload it on herolister.

You can also upload photos to and paste the photo URL to the template in herolister


Also, you can use ebay hosting.

In this video tutorial:

In 7:25 min you can see how to get a link to your eBay image.

So first you must add a listing with no template and upload photos to eBay, next you need to add these links to in template generate form and revise your listing by adding template code.

The best idea if you do photos by phone on camera please not set maximum resolution for example 4k (it’s not needed, the picture will be showing good), please use smaller resolution and quality.

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